Obamacare insures over 1 million in January enrollment

By Kyle Lubelski,

A government report released Wednesday shows over 1 million people signed up for health insurance through federal and state marketplaces in January.

The New York Times notes that a significant number of young people signed up for insurance between October and January, constituting 25 percent of those enrolled, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

Despite the optimism, critics of the Affordable Care Act point out that the administration failed to achieve their mark of 4.4 million people, likely due to the errors that ensued after Healthcare.gov went active October 1. There is also a chance of respite by Republican lawmakers as the November reelections draw ever nearer, but senior advisor to the president Dan Pfeiffer remains hopeful, commenting, “A message of ‘elect me so I can take health care away from my soon-to-be constituents’ is a dead-bang loser.”

According to Politico, Healthcare.gov exceeded the numbers served over the state-run websites by 20 percent. Though an original estimate of 7 million people insured in the first year is a far cry away, analysts foresee 6 million as a likely possibility. The enrollment year will conclude at the end of March.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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