Oscar nominations for best original score

By Amanda Levine,

The night of magnificent gowns, golden statues and a star-studded red carpet is coming up as the 86th Academy Awards quickly approaches. Many are waiting to see which actress and actor will take the shiny, gold Oscar home.

However, some people tend to forget the less popular categories that still are just as deserving for recognition because they help make a movie come together and give it character. Much like the costume design and cinematography, the musical score of a film gives it life and character.

Without the brilliant minds of film score composers, many films wouldn’t have as much emotion and life to the story lines. Music sets the mood for a film and although usually in the background for much of the film, one would definitely notice if the music wasn't present. This year, several well-known composers such as John Williams and Alexandre Desplat are in the running for an Oscar, as well as other composers Steven Price, William Butler and Owen Pallett and Thomas Newman. Here is the list of the nominated composers and the movies that they helped bring to life with music.

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