PA dad stops son’s would-be kidnapper

By Michelle Kapusta,

A dad in Upper Darby, Pa., went after and stopped a man from kidnapping his 6-year-old son.

According to WPVI, on Wednesday night, little Shamir Thomas did not return within a couple of minutes from buying his snack at a corner store, which is less than 20 yards from his home.

His stepmother and father went out searching for him and spotted him sitting in a parked car they did not recognize.

Philly.com noted that when the boy’s father, Eric Thomas, saw his son screaming and crying in the front seat of the stranger’s vehicle he ran over to confront the driver.

"You never know how you'll react until it happens to you," said 29-year-old Thomas. "Me, I just went ballistic. I just seen my son in that car. I just snapped. And then the guy tried to, you know, he tried to charge at me. I just snapped on him. That was it."

Thomas took 29-year-old Chris Tucker to the ground and held the suspect there until police arrived on the scene.

Tucker, who has a lengthy criminal history, was charged with kidnapping and related charges.



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