Panic! At The Disco concert in Atlanta evacuated

By Joy Perrone,

Panic! At The Disco's Atlanta concert had to be evacuated last night due to the floor cracking.

The show was held in a 100-year-old concert hall in downtown Atlanta called the Tabernacle, reports The Wall Street Journal. The sold-out show was evacuated around 10:30 PM after security noticed that the floor was shifting under the concertgoers feet.

CBS Atlanta reports that over 300 fans rushed to the stage and security was worried that the floor would collapse. A parent of one of the band's teen fans reported that the situation was calm and under control, saying, "There was just a ton of people walking; no one was panicking and a lot of their fans were singing their songs."

Engineers for the Tabernacle are investigating the cause of the cracked floor and are working on repairing the damage: "The safety of every fan, performer and crew member at the Tabernacle is our top priority," they said in a statement.

Panic! At The Disco tweeted about the show to fans:

Photo Courtesy of Panic! At the Disco



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