Parents angry over 'Cross the Line' game played at Wisconsin middle school

By Morgan Cox,

Parents of students at a middle school in Marinette, Wisconsin, are furious after their 5th to 8th graders were forced to play a game at school called "Cross the Line."

The game required students to step forward if their answer to questions such as "Do your parents drink?" or "Has anyone in your family been to jail?" was yes.

"It was too personal. It's just things your kids don't need to be disclosing to other kids," said parent Amanda Fifarek to Fox 11.

One student at the middle school explained that an employee of the school asked any of the children that had ever wanted to commit suicide to step forward, Fox 11 reported. Parents believe these questions are way too personal should never have been discussed in a large setting.

According to NBC 26 News, “The intent of the activity was to build stronger, more respectful relationships among students," explained Marionette Middle School principal Shawn Limberg in a statement.

NBC 26 News also reported that one child was threatened by the staff with an in-school suspension if she did not participate in the game.

According to Fox 11, the school has made it clear that if another game like this one were to take place, the administrators will make sure the parents are aware in advance.



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