Parker Posey joins Comedy Central’s ‘Crazy House’

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Parker Posey has joined Comedy Central’s Crazy House. Posey will be a guest star in the pilot of Crazy House, which will focus on an insane asylum.

Nick Turner and Lee Rubenstein are the force behind the new show; they also wrote and executive produced the pilot. House will tell the story of two friends who accidentally put their landlord into a coma, so they try to use the insanity defense and find themselves sentenced to a mental asylum.

Posey will be playing Dr. Krimmens, who is the head of the mental hospital, if the show is picked up by Comedy Central, she would be a series regular, Variety reported.

The Wire recently talked with Posey about one of her most famous acting roles, Best in Show. Posey explained that on set they did work with real life situations and she is still asked about her work on the film often.

"Of course, we worked with real dog show competitors," Posey said. "So they were around on set when we were filming."

image: Wikimedia Commons



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