A peek into the diet of an Olympic athlete

By Paige Paswaters,
The good and the bad

Every time the Olympic Games draw near, fans speculate as to what the athletes eat to get those killer bodies. Well, the dietitian for the Canadian athletes, Kelly Anne Erdman, knows exactly what that diet consists of. After all, she is the one responsible for the energy that is fueling Canada's massive hockey players. But, this doesn't mean they are all peachy perfect. Everyone deserves to have an enjoyable treat from time to time -- even our beloved American snowboarder, Shaun White.

Kelly Anne Erdman has been working with the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) since the 2012 London Games. Kelly told Metro News that it has been "about 12-hour days right from the get-go." She even had to go as far as flying to Sochi on two different occasions in order to see what kind of food would be available and what the COC would have to send over themselves.

So what are some typical healthy snacks for these Canadians? They enjoy hummus, guacamole, olives, raw fruits and vegetables, crackers, trail mix, and steel-cut oats. But Erdman compensates for their diligence and allows them to have their comfort food. This weakness, for many, involves Dad's Oatmeal Cookies, a company based out of St. Louis, MO. Her primary role for these athletes is to simply ensure they have proper nutrition available to them. She also cautions them that they may not need as many calories, since their activity level is not as high as it is when they are training.

Shaun White has no problem telling AskMen that he cannot resist Chinese takeout as his guilty pleasure, even "the sketchy 'Wok Garden' or the random ones in the airport." White continues by explaining his love for steakhouses. He claims, "That's my thing. I usually eat a pretty big steak the night before I compete."

Olympic athletes are much like ourselves, minus the fact that they can eat probably six times the amount that I can because their energy expenditure far exceeds mine, and they have such a high percent of muscle mass. But, the same simple rules apply; the majority of their diet should be filled with fresh ingredients, and the average, healthy, human should be allowed to indulge in their chosen weakness food on occasion.

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