'Person of Interest' recap: 'Provenance"

By Marie Blake,

The episode opens up with a camera view of a thief shown running into a building and stealing jewels. They are quickly caught by guards who discover that it was a decoy, the real thief having got away.

Reese is back after spending time in Italy. Shaw reveals that the machine gave them a new number belonging to Kelly Lin, a woman born in Shanghai who has only been a US citizen for 6 months. Finch and Reese believe she is a possible spy. She is currently a professional event planner in the city. Reese plans to attend an upcoming event at the Metropolitan Museum of History to meet with Kelly; Shaw and Finch are already on the guest list with Reese serving as Finch’s plus one.

Shaw shows up in a dress; Reese and Finch are shocked at her ability to clean up so nicely. They leave for the event and see that protesters are outside, fighting to keep artifacts in its own founding country. They believe the protesters could be a threat to Kelly.

At the event, Shaw saves a man from choking and ends up talking to Kelly, who thanks her. Soon the lights go out and Kelly is calming everyone down. Gunshots go off, and after Reese and Shaw investigate, they found that the gunshot sounds were actually dry ice in compressors. Meanwhile someone is stealing the artifacts. Shaw catches up with the thief who turns out to be Kelly. They fight and Kelly gets away.

Shaw speaks to an officer and pretends to be a worker for the event in order to go back into the museum. She finds Kelly’s bag, which contains her iPad. Shaw overhears a man, who works for Interpol, speaking to the cops about Kelly and how she is hard to track. He explains that he has been working hard to take her down since she kills her decoys and accomplices after the job is done.

Finch looks at the GPS chip in her iPad and finds that she recently went to a bar. They find that Kelly is in the bar talking to an accomplice named Cyril, and she gives him the painting she took from the event. She tries to leave but he tells her they have another job for her.

Reese follows Kelly to her home. Finch finds out that in the past she was an Olympic silver medal gymnast who was cut from Chinese team with no explanation.
Shaw goes into Kelly’s apartment after she leaves. She looks behind a mirror and finds maps of the city with a specific intersection marked. It is a side street with multiple subway stops, and they figure it to be an escape route. Research on Gutenberg bible was also found and they believe that is her next job. Shaw rushes to cut her off and finds a broken streetlamp and spike strip, and removes the strip from the street. Kelly holds a gun up to Shaw just as the car she was waiting on gets away.

Kelly’s phone rings, she answers and tells Cyril that she did not get the bible. He is angry and shows a live feed of Kelly’s daughter being held hostage. Finch and Shaw then realize they made a mistake.

Shaw ties up Kelly and Finch talks to her about her past. She reveals that she was fired from Olympic team because she became pregnant. The only way she could support her daughter was if she stole. She stole a watch from a pawn shop that was run by Cyril and his people. They wanted her to pay her debt to them, so they hired her to steal for them. When Finch reveals that Interpol has proof that she kills her decoys and accomplices, she states that Cyril is the killer, not her.

Finch tries to locate the bible and finds that it is downtown. Finch tells Shaw that they must try and steal the bible, and tells her to untie Kelly, who has already broken free without their knowledge.

They look at architectural designs of the building holding the bible. Fusco gives them surveillance videos and they work out a plan. They find that it won’t be easy due to the extreme security measures, and they don’t know which room the bible is kept.

Fusco calls the Interpol guy, who is named Bouchaud, and sends him to Kelly’s apartment. Fusco is then seen pulling over security supervisor from the building where the bible is kept. He takes his ID and gets fingerprints.

Reese and Finch find that Cyril runs an extortion scheme who forces Kelly to steal artifacts which they then sell to the highest bidder.

Bouchaud runs into Kelly and she drops her purse, spilling stuff everywhere. He tells her he knows who she is and threatens to arrest her once she’s caught in the act. He took a jump drive from her, it was planned by Finch, and they hear him talking to the men who are holding the bible. Now Finch and Reese know exactly which room it is in.

A decoy is seen on camera entering the building. Reese, in disguise, is talking to the property resource manager, asking for his briefcase to be kept in the building. Reese is taken to keep his case secured. Shaw, hiding in the trunk, goes into the building.

Reese knocks the guy out in the elevator. He tries to get into the room containing the bible, but alarms go off and he is caught, but he was serving as a decoy. Shaw and Kelly go into the room and try to get in before the alarms reset.

Fusco shows up and arrests Reese. Reese tells him to take him to the airport.
Shaw puts on finger gloves to pass the fingerprint lock. It works and they get inside to where the motion sensors are. Finch turned up the air earlier to match the skin temperatures of the girls.

Interpol tries to get Kelly but is turned away by security. Kelly uses her Gymnastic skills to get to the bible without touching the ground.

A security guard sees that fingerprints used to enter room. Kelly unlocks the bible case and retrieves the book. As security enter the room they see that Kelly and Shaw are already gone.

Bouchaud is speaking on the phone when Shaw approaches with a gun and tells him to get into the car with Finch.

Kelly hands over the bible to Cyril and says she’s done working for him. She asks for her daughter back. Finch and Bouchaud are listening to her conversation. Cyril tells her there is more to do and won’t let her daughter go. Bouchaud calls Interpol on his cell. Cyril sees video of his men getting attacked by Reese on his phone. He saves Kelly’s daughter. Cyril tries to kill Kelly but she gets away and Shaw shoots him in the legs.

Fusco pretends to arrest Shaw, and she goes into the car when Bouchaud leaves. They see police take Cyril.

Kelly’s daughter is being brought to the U.S. Kelly’s fate , however, is in Bouchaud’s hands.

Bouchaud questions her and explains that he can’t do anything since she is a US citizen, though he has proof of her criminal past. He tells her he thought she deserved the Gold medal, and leaves her a handcuff key.

She is seen talking to Shaw and is reunited with her daughter.

Later, Finch, Reese, Fusco, and Shaw are seen having drinks. Fusco is talking about how they make a great team. Reese pours a glass for their fallen partner, Carter. The group raises their glasses and drink.

Fusco then talks about stealing the crown jewels, and Reese gives him a scolding look.

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