Petition for plus-sized Disney princess reaches 7,000

By Rebecca Walezak,

A petition has hit the web asking Disney to make their next princess a plus-sized one and it already has more than 7,000 signatures.

The petition was initially created by Jewel Moore, 17, on the website Change.org. It is the teenager's hope to have Disney give younger girls a realistic role model.

“I made this petition because I’m a plus-size young woman,” Moore wrote on the website. “I know many plus-size girls and women who struggle with confidence and need a positive plus-size character in the media.”

Created on Jan. 24, the petition has already reached 7,000 signatures. According to Yahoo, Moore believed that her message to the company would be more effective if she had others supporting her.

This petition has the opportunity to make easily impressionable girls become more confident in themselves if they are given a strong role model to follow. Most Disney princesses have very small, thin frames. According to Salon, Barbie dolls also display tall, slim and even unrealistic women, which has caused much controversy in the past.

Walt Disney Studios has not yet responded to the ongoing petition.

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