Philip Seymour Hoffman leaving estate to mother of his children

By Ian O'Brien,

Deceased actor Philip Seymour Hoffman's will was revealed, and it stated that he intends to give all of his personal property to Mimi O'Donnell, the mother of his children. Hoffman died in his home Feb. 2 of a heroin overdose and his will was just made public.

According to USA Today, Hoffman referred to O'Donnell as his "friend and companion." Hoffman has three children, but he only had one at the time the will was written. His son who was alive then is now 10 years old.

Hoffman wrote his will in 2004. NY Daily News reports he requested that his son would be raised in Manhattan, New York. If that was not possible, his alternatives were Chicago and San Francisco.

Hoffman wanted his son, Cooper, to be exposed to the culture of New York, along with its architecture and arts. He also plans for Cooper to inherit a trust when he turns 30. Hoffman intends for the trust to pay for his "education, health, support and maintenance."

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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