Portion of Affordable Care Act delayed by Obama administration

By Kyle Johnson,

A portion of the Affordable Care Act has been delayed until 2016 by the Obama administration, the Treasury Department announced on Monday.

For companies that have more than 50 employees, but less than 100, they won't be facing a fine in 2015 if they have yet to provide health insurance to employees that work over 30 hours a week, reports The Wall Street Journal. They have until 2016 to fall in line with the employer healthcare mandate.

Companies over 100 workers also could escape fines for next year, provided they can show evidence that 70 percent of their workforce have insurance.

The penalties have now been delayed twice. Once the mandate goes into effect, employers will be fined $2,000 an employee.

According to USA Today, some, including part-time teachers and volunteer firefighters, won't be counted as part of an employer's full-time employees. This new rule was announced on Monday as well.

The WSJ notes that the Obama administration also said it's possible that requirements for larger companies, that voluntarily offer health insurance, could be simplified.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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