President Obama wants Wi-Fi in public schools

By Raquel Luster,

Creating a learning environment for kids to excel and grow is what the school system lives by, so adding special features like Wi-Fi to public schools could enhance the whole learning process.

According to the Los Angeles Times, President Barack Obama plans to bring Wi-Fi to public schools with the help of companies like Apple, Microsoft, AT&T, and Verizon. He's also going to use governmental resources from the Federal Communications Commission, and private support for approximately $2.75 billion of funds and supplies.

This move to improve the education system in America is a step in the right direction. The Internet can be a powerful tool in learning, and access to Wi-Fi would allow for further research into ideas and concepts for students online, as well as aid them in doing their homework.

This is a part of an effort labeled ConnectED that was illustrated in the State of the Union address this year, notes CBS News.

"Technology is not a silver bullet. Its only as good as the teachers who are there using it as one more tool to help inspire and teach and work through problems," the president said. “Imagine what it means for educators to spend less time grading tests and papers, and more time helping young people learn."

Wi-Fi in establishments like malls, movie theaters, and coffee shops is convenient, but Wi-Fi in schools can be so much more beneficial for the growth of the nation’s youth.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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