‘Pretty Little Liars' best moment from 'Free Fall': The Reveal

By Alyssa Jean,

This episode of Pretty Little Liars opened in an action-packed series of never-ending and enigmatic proceedings. I promise it is not as complicated as the first sentence sounds … or maybe it is.

The episode opened with Spencer waking up on top of Ali’s journal, right as Ezra enters the classroom at conveniently awkward timing. As Spencer struggles to become conscious of her surroundings, she appears exhausted and dressed in sleep attire as Ezra’s suspicions regarding her drug abuse are confirmed.

Hannah and Emily find Spencer dressed in gym garb and mismatching “shower shoes,” as Hannah points out. After changing into some of Hannah’s clothes, she meets Toby outside where they spend some quality time at a picnic lunch after Toby heavily convinces her to do so.

During the same lunch period, Aria finds Hannah and Emily, who have been avoiding her to prevent the subject of Ezr"A," and the girls discuss Spencer’s growing drug addiction as Ezra has palpably pointed out to Aria. Using the justification that he was “worried” about Spencer, the girls find out that Spencer’s school records show that this is not the first time she has had drug substance issues.

The girls confront Spencer regarding the drug abuse and trigger a massive emotional breakdown on Spencer’s end as she desperately tries to defend herself and throws the blame on Ezra being “A." This being the first time Aria hears such an accusation, more confusion is thrown into the already puzzling mix of emotions and suspicions. A prescription pad under Wren’s name flew out of her purse even furthering the drug addiction matter.

In an even more confusing set of events, Mike is seen on a romantic outing with Mona as she sees Ezra in another convenient sighting. Mona approaches Ezra and suspiciously says that she can no longer help him now that things are “more complicated”. Whatever that means, Ezra becomes angered and leaves in his usually threatening way. Not the Ezra we remember from the first couple of seasons!

As Aria and Ezra are seen discussing Spencer’s situation, Aria overhears Ezra mention that she only saw the helmet and tattoo of the corpse, a detail that only the girls are supposed to know. This sparks Aria’s qualms that maybe Spencer is right and not actually crazy from her overdose of Amphetamines.

All the while, the girls attempt to lure “A," or Ezra, to the Ambrose Zoo and reptile center where they find that “A” has been with them all along and is not, in fact, Ezra. This leads to this week’s biggest moment: the reveal.

Aria sneaks into Ezra’s cabin with the mysterious password, “B26” and finds pages that Ezra has written about his time spent with Ali. After Ezra appears at the cabin, Aria runs out the window into the woods but is forced onto a ski lift stuck with Ezra. He tries to explain how he lied and that he knew Ali from when he was in college but that he was trying to write a book based off of the crime that had taken place. He tries to assure Aria that he has never lied about his feelings for her. But I mean, come on. Can we really trust anything that he says? I don’t think so!

After the pages are thrown over the edge of the ski lift and assumingly lost, Aria walks into her house only to be faced my Mona. So the episode ends as is: Aria is left to question the identity of Ezra but also her relationship with him after feeling interminably used. Hannah and Emily are left to deal with Spencer after she surrenders her Adderall. However, Spencer now has to deal with the repercussions of her lying and sneaking with her parents, her doctors, her friends, and even Toby.

So what role does Ezra actually have in this whole “A” Game? The answer could be revealed in the next episode!




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