'Pretty Little Liars' Best Moment: The Trapdoor Part 2

By Alyssa Jean,

This week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars oddly enough opened with Allison DiLaurentis making a mysterious phone call from an unknown phone booth. As the scene continued, Ali was begging for something and Shauna was revealed at the other end of the line. The scene cut off with Ali desperately repeating, “Can you get it?”

In the next scene, Aria, Hannah, Spencer, and Emily are discussing possible options to find out who “A” actually is while Hannah is still frightened over her dentist visit with “A." It didn’t take long for Hannah to notice the jittery difference in Spencer’s more paranoid and frazzled nature. Although it seems like she is the only one to notice, the question of Ezra Fitz comes into play and Aria, on her guard, denies any interaction with the suspected “A” team accomplice even after her break up with Jake.

Emily reveals that her father’s collapse at the scene of “A’s” last attack was due to anemia, however, she still questions as to whether or not “A” knew about her father’s condition. Although still skeptical about their whereabouts of Ali, each of the girls take on the role of the investigator in their own way.

Hannah decided to investigate Spencer’s odd behavior and plans a stake out with Emily after Aria lied about her weekend plans. The two attempt to spend some time with her, but Spencer is in her own world. While Emily and Hannah are outside of Spencer’s house, they spot Shauna leaving the DiLaurentis household looking suspicious and questioning her motives.

Shauna appears at Emily’s house later that night and admits that she saw Emily and Hannah watching her leave Ali’s house earlier that day. After they go inside, Shauna reveals that Ali is in dire need of money that she tried to get while inside the house but failed to after Ali’s mom was a constant presence. Emily then recovered the $5,000 from an unsuspected and trendy picture frame hanging on Ali’s wall. Shauna agrees to meet Emily after her meet, however, as she is seen getting into her car, the front mirror reflects a quick glimpse of inexplicable fear before being attacked.

Spencer investigates into Ezra more than usual as she unknowingly pulls an all-nighter printing various articles and references regarding his whereabouts and different property locations. Upon realizing her overly extended hours without sleep, she reaches out to Andrew for more Adderall but finds it elsewhere for an unexpected fee of $50. Hannah catches on and sneaks a peak of Hannah’s laptop where she later finds her breaking into Ezra’s monitored apartment.

So where does Aria take place in all of this? Aria lies about her whereabouts so she can accompany Ezra on a weekend away to the cabin. While there she decides to take some photos on a nature walk and offers to get some chickpeas for Ezra’s latest culinary creation. Of course, Ezra lied about the chickpeas. If he lies about who he is why wouldn’t he lie about the chickpeas? This revealed this week’s biggest moment as the trapdoor part 2!

Upon entering the ambiguous cellar concealed by a trap door a number of monitors can be seen in which pictures of the girls and cameras were revealed to show each of their whereabouts. I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but I think I’m officially done with Ezra. Is that acceptable? Who even is he?

Ali never got the money as Shauna woke up at the crossroads at the end of Rosewood and could not deliver. As the episode ends, Ali boards a bus to who knows where and sobs as she leaves the familiar dwelling, which she has been matriculating.

First of all, is Spencer hooked on Adderall now? When will Aria realize that all she knows of Ezra is a lie? Finally, who is Ezra?! The answers to those questions may be revealed next episode.

Image: ABC



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