'Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap: episode 14

By TracyJane,
Peaches Divided

This weeks episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta picks up right where it left off two weeks ago. The major fight has ended, but there’s still tension hanging in the air and it feels as if another eruption could happen at any time. Eruptions do happen throughout the rest of the episode.

The first of these eruptions takes place almost immediately when Phaedra’s husband Apollo charges after Kenya’s friend Brandon again. He is pushed into the hallway of the hotel but continues to shout back at Apollo. Cynthia’s husband Peter is in another hotel room talking to Apollo and trying to calm him down.

Meanwhile, Portia gets up to leave. Kenya and Brandon leave and things seem to be calming once again.

Christopher, who was one of the original fight starters, hugs and apologizes to NeNe. He explains that he just wanted to clear up the lies about his wife. At this point Kandi interjects and says that she wants to clear up a lie that Chris’ wife told about Todd. This begins the second eruption of the night. Cynthia jumps up to defend Christopher and Natalie. Kandi tells Cynthia to get out of her personal space. Cynthia’s sister bounces in to protect her and ends up pushing Kandi, which really sets her off. Kandi jumps around and shouts in hysterics. Todd pushes her into a corner to calm her down. They finally get Kandi in another hotel room and Phaedra comes in to comfort her. Todd and Peter are back in the party room and talking quietly working things out. Calmly Kandi walks back in and announces to Todd that she wants to go home.

The next morning the cameras are at all of the Housewives houses waiting for them to deconstruct the previous night. First up, Kandi and Todd are filling in Kandi’s assistant Carmon on the details. Kandi regrets going off and letting her emotions guide her actions. After more discussion of the night, she realizes that she need to apologize to the group. Next, NeNe and Gregg show up at Cynthia and Peter’s house. Peter apologizes to NeNe and tells her he barely remembers what happened. NeNe explains that Kenya started the whole thing by charging across the room. They continue to relay stories of the night by making fun of Kandi and how she acted like a maniac. They group of four laughs and jokes taking no blame for the situation themselves. At Kenya’s house, her best friend Brandon wanders in to show her his black eye and tell her about his bruised rib. Kenya apologizes to him and blames Chris for starting the fight by grabbing her arm. She notices that Brandon has a police report with him and she asks about it. He explains that its felony assault since Apollo cracked his rib. But he hesitates pressing charges because Apollo has young children and that would disrupt their whole lives.

Kenya praises Brandon for his open heart and kindness. Apollo and Phaedra are alone in their kitchen rehashing the night. Phaedra is disappointed in Apollo because he fed into stereotypes about ex-convicts and given people a reason to believe he’s a bad person. She also makes a point to say that Kenya deserves all of the blame because she stood up and charged Christopher’s wife. Apollo doesn’t believe that it’s a big deal. He plays like he was attacked and things got blown out of proportion. In a way, it feels like he is trying to sweep it under the covers.

In a refreshing change, the next scene moves into a more cheerful Kandi showing up at the open auditions for her musical. Over 400 people are waiting and Kandi is excited to find a diamond in the rough. Unfortunately the talent is horrendous and they end up only calling two people back for a 2nd audition.

In the final scene of the episode, Kandi invites all of the girls to a spa day to clear the air about everything that happened at the pillow talk party. Kandi, Portia, and Kenya start off with massages. Kenya asks what happened after she left. Kandi avoids the question and states that they should wait to rehash things until everyone has arrived. Phaedra, NeNe, and Cynthia all choose to get foot massages.

Their conversation stays fairly innocent, chatting mostly about how good they’ve heard the spa is. After their treatments, Kandi asks everyone to join her in the café for some tea. She begins the conversation by apologizing for her behavior at the pillow talk party. Cynthia takes the apology and turns it around saying that she needs words with Kandi because Kandi personally went off on her at the party. Kandi defends herself by saying that she needed to because Cynthia was in her face and her sister pushed her. Cynthia denies both actions. The two ladies raise their voices thus setting off another eruption in this episode. In the end, Kandi apologizes for yelling and Cynthia apologizes for her sister pushing.

We are barely over that eruption when the rumblings of the next start. Phaedra speaks up saying that she was disappointed in Apollo for making people look bad. Kenya says that this fight wasn’t about all people, it was about Apollo not being able to control himself. NeNe blows her top at this point. She jumps in to say that it doesn’t matter what Kenya thinks because she was responsible for starting the fight in the first place. Kenya adamantly denies starting it. She thinks Chris started it when he grabbed her arm. The argument continues with both ladies shouting at each other and all of the other girls trying to get them to calm down and lower their voices. Portia says that they are all to blame and each person needs to take their part and accept it. Kenya denies that she has any blame. NeNe announces that she is done with Kenya if she can’t take blame. The other ladies decide that they are getting no where and decide to leave

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