'RoboCop' reviews coming in before next week's opening

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

The remake of RoboCop is set in futuristic Detroit. It stars some of Hollywood’s finest actors and will be released in IMAX on Feb. 12.

The new movie features take on plot points from the original film, which was made in 1987 by Paul Verhoeven, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In the new film film, the main character, Alex Murphy, is both man and robot police and is played by Joel Kinnaman. The actor was born in Stockholm and played Stephen Holder in the television show, The Killing.

The Hollywood Reporter's Leslie Felperin noted that RoboCop “shies away from the violent extremes.”

In RoboCop, Kinnaman leads a cast of A-list actors known to bring star power to the silver screen. Felperin said Michael Keaton (Raymond Sellars) “pitches the menace just right, somewhere between Steve Jobs and Dick Cheney for his alpha-shark villain.”

The camera work plays an important role in the storytelling. As Variety’s Guy Lodge’s noted in his review, the “handheld authenticity card can be overplayed in the film’s talkier interior scenes.”

Director Jose Padilha has also worked on Elite Squad and Elite Squad: The Enemy Within. Fans will ultimately decide if this RoboCop is one to watch.

RoboCop will be released in theaters on Feb. 12 and will also be shown in IMAX.

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