'Sailor Moon' reboot to feature LGBT characters

By Victoria Greene,

Sailor Moon is scheduled for a reboot. The popular Japanese cartoon, which originally ran from 1995 to 2000 in the United States, is slated for a comeback.

While rumors of the show's reappearance have been widely circulated since 2012, the premiere date was initially announced to be in Summer 2013, then pushed back to December 2013, and now to July 2014, according to Den of Geek.

With an exact month pinned down as opposed to a vague season, fans of the show have wondered if the show will simply be a remake of the American version or if it will stay true to manga.

Sailor Moon, when created by artist Naoko Takeuchi, featured a host of unique characters, and many of them carried over to anime when it was released in Japan. However, when the series reached international markets, many of the characters had their sexuality or gender identities changed.

For example, two of the main characters of the series were mentioned to be in a romantic relationship in the Japanese version of the show, though when dubbed in English were reduced to cousins to account for them often being together. Other characters, such as villains Zoisite and Fisheye, were changed from male to female characters.

However, according to PolicyMic, the reboot will not be a continuation or remake of the original anime, but a work based solely from the manga.

Sailor Moon was, and is, a show that continues to draw in fans despite being off the air for over a decade in America. Fans of the original anime are excited to see a series that holds true to Naoko Takeuchi’s original vision.

Image courteous of Wikimedia Commons



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