Samuel L. Jackson yells at reporter who confuses him for Laurence Fishburne (Video)

By Kyle Johnson,

Samuel L. Jackson was not happy with a Los Angeles news anchor who confused the actor for Laurence Fisburne during an interview on Monday.

According to TMZ, Jackson was doing a promotional interview for his upcoming film Robocop with KTLA when the news anchor, Sam Rubin, asks him about his appearance in a Super Bowl commercial.

Jackson is clearly confused for a moment and then grows annoyed as he realized Rubin was confusing him for the Hannibal actor. Rubin hesitates and looks off camera as he realizes his error.

Jackson lays into the anchor saying, "See, you're as crazy as the people on Twitter." He looks annoyed and adds, "I'm not Laurence Fisburne," according to USA Today.

Fishburne appeared as his character in The Matrix for a Kia commercial during the Super Bowl.

Rubin holds his hands up and admits that he is "guilty" and apologizes several times as Jackson continues to question the confusing, saying, "We don't all look alike!" Jackson also ignores Rubin's attempt to swerve the conversation back towards his film.

Jackson doesn't seem super angry as he admonishes the reporter, talking about several other well-known African-American actors and what they are known for as he says he is the "What's in your wallet" guy.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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