San Francisco fights for taxes on sodas

By Laura Hundemer,

In an attempt to improve the health of residents, San Francisco is trying to pass a law that imposes taxes on sodas and other unhealthy drinks. The law will be introduced at Tuesday’s meeting and is intended to help combat obesity and diabetes problems.

According to the Associated Press, four city lawmakers announced that the new law would impose a 2 cent-per-ounce tax on soft drinks, sports drinks and energy drinks.

If the eleven members of the board pass the proposed tax, it will then be presented to local voters in November. If approved, the new tax could generate a reported $31 million a year.

Other cities have tried to do their part in the “war on liquid sugar,” but have not been so successful. According to SFGate, efforts to pass soda taxes in other jurisdictions have failed, including 2012 attempts in both Richmond and Los Angeles County.

The American Beverage Association reportedly spent over $3.5 million to ensure that those taxes did not get passed.



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