Screenwriter sues Tom Cruise over 'Mission: Impossible 4' for $1 billion

By Kyle Lubelski,

Screenwriter Timothy Patrick McLanahan is suing the creators of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, starring Tom Cruise, for $1 billion.

According to Radar Online, McLanahan is suing for the revenue generated by the film’s ticket, DVD, Blu-ray and rental sales, which is estimated to be close to the $1 billion mark. McLanahan claims in the documents that Ghost Protocol is plagiarized from his 1998 screenplay called Head On.

“Although I never authorized my Head On script to be sent to Creative Artist Agency by William Morris, William Morris still sent the script to CAA and then shopped the script all around the world, including Tom Cruise’s Rick Nicita, top agent with Creative Artist Agency," McLanahan claims in the suit.

BBC News reports that the film took in $700 million worldwide and that none of the defendants have yet to respond.

A list of those defendants includes, but is not limited to, Tom Cruise, Paramount Pictures and Skydance Pictures.

The lawsuit was originally filed on Dec. 20, 2013.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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