'Scrubs' creator Bill Lawrence confirms musical based on hit sitcom

By Brian Brown,

Four years after Sacred Heart Hospital closed its doors in 2010, creator Bill Lawrence has confirmed that Scrubs will return in the form of a stage musical.

Lawrence first mentioned his intention to make a musical based on the series in a tweet in 2012. Now he has gone into further detail in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. Lawrence said that the musical will be a combination of two episodes from the series' first season: the pilot and the fourth episode "My Old Lady."

Don't expect many members of the show's cast to return though. Although Lawrence said that Scrubs star Zach Braff will be involved creatively, he added that the only members of the cast he could see returning on stage are the a cappella band led by Sam Lloyd's character, Ted, who would act as a Greek chorus.

Scrubs aired on NBC for seven years before moving to ABC for seasons eight and nine. The series included a 2007 episode in the form of a musical when a patient who came to the hospital experienced everything in song.

Lawrence emphasized that the musical is not a sequel. "The only reason I felt like we could entertain this idea is that it’s not going on — it’s going back," he said.

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