Second-grader beaten at bus stop by classmates

By Lauren Wheeler,
The bus driver let the bullies back onto bus after beating the victim

Classmates beat a second-grader up enough Wednesday that he was taken to a hospital for treatment. The driver of the bus allowed the bullies to get off the bus with the student and then, after beating the student up, the students were allowed back on the bus.

A group of second-grade students ganged up on the young boy after school in Georgetown, Ky, according to Georgetown New-Graphic.

After being taken to the hospital, the boy was then allowed to return to his home.

Parents at the scene said that the bus driver did not intervene in the fight. They said that the unnamed bus driver let the boys off the bus as they beat the victim. The bus then drove around the block and picked the boys up while the victim was left laying on the ground.

The Manager of Transportation for Scott County Schools, John Beckstead, said that the bus driver radioed him to report the incident and then he called the sheriff’s department. According to witnesses, the driver did not try to stop the students personally.

A parent, Heather Gunnell, stated that the bullies were already a problem on the bus and there had been multiple disciplinary actions for those students.

“There’s a big problem on this bus. They’re always fighting,” Gunnell said, “I spoke to the bus garage about it last Friday.”

This attack is related to another in August 2013 when a Florida student was beaten on school bus while driver did nothing, according to CNN. In that case, the school’s policy stated that the bus driver did nothing wrong by not aiding the student.

Under essential duties in the Scott County Schools Bus Driver job description, it requires that drivers take “necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students” and to contact parents “immediately, or as soon as reasonably possible, in the event of a student injury, serious illness, or other matter pertaining to the general welfare of the student.”



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