Simon Cowell shows off son on Twitter

By Kyle Johnson,

Simon Cowell welcomed a son last Friday and over the weekend he began posting pictures of him, his girlfriend Laura Silverman and their son, Eric.

Since his son's birth, Cowell has been dominating his Twitter feed with pictures and posts about little Eric, reports People.

The tweets all continue off previous ones as he noted his son's name, the fact that he was named after Cowell's father and that his son is "healthy and handsome." He also wrote how happy he was.

Eventually he began posting pictures, all in a black and white filter, alternating between just Eric, all three of them and him holding his newborn son as Eric sleeps.

One tweet simply says "now you can see how very handsome little Eric is."

As previously reported, Silverman went into labor a week earlier than originally anticipated in New York, while Cowell was still in London.

Because she had only just started going into labor, the doctors were able to slow the birthing process enough to allow the father to quickly fly over and witness his birth.

image courtesy of Fox



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