Sochi 2014 Medal Count for Feb. 16 - Netherlands stays at top with speed skating dominance

By Marie Blake,

The second week of the Sochi 2014 Winter Games are underway. Here is the current medal count for Sunday, Feb. 16.

The Netherlands lead the pack with 17 medals. They earned Golds, Silver, and Bronze from Jorien Ter Mors, Ireen Wust, and Lotte Van Beek respectively in Speed Skating: Ladies' 1500 km.

Norway now has 14 medals after earning a Gold from Kjetil Jansrud in Alpine Skiing: Men's Super-G.

Russia has 16 medals after earning a Silver in the Cross-Country Men's Relay 4x5 km Team.

Canada now has 14. They earned a Bronze from Jan Hudec in Alpine Skiing: Men's Super-G, and a Silver from Dominique Maltais in Snowboarding: Ladies' Snowboard Cross.

The United States now has 16 medals. Today, they earned a Silver from Andrew Weibrecht, and Bode Miller tied for a Bronze with Canada in Alpine Skiing: Men's Super-G

Sweden now has 9 medals after earning a Gold in the Cross-Country Men's Relay 4x5 Team.

France has a total of 6 medals. They earned two Bronze medals, one from Chloe Trespeuch in Snowboarding: Ladies' Snowboard Cross, and another in the Cross-Country Men's RRelay 4x5 km Team.

The Czech Republic now has 4 medals. Today they earned a Gold from Eva Samkova in Snowboarding: Ladies' Snowboard Cross.

On Monday, more medals will be awarded for Biathlon, Bobsleigh, Figure Skating, Freestyle Skiing, Ski Jumping, and Snowboarding, as well as the continuation of Hockey and Curling.

image courtesy of NBC



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