South blasted by winter storm as it begins to head north

By Kyle Johnson,

Parts of Georgia, Alabama and North and South Carolina are doing their best to weather the winter storm that has been unleashed upon the South.

Officials in those areas being hit have done their best to prevent a repeat of what happened in Atlanta during the last storm by warning people to stay off the road as well as closing schools and government buildings, reports CNN.

Charlotte will likely get up to 10 inches of snow and Atlanta could receive about nearly an inch from the current storm.

While the South has done their best to survive the storm, the Northeast hasn't been as lucky as the winter storm has moved upwards in a hurry. The situation in North Carolina caused the Department of Public Safety to do its best to warn off drivers from hitting the roads.

The storm wasn't expected to reach North Carolina until the latter part of the day, but it hit quickly and one driver noted that a normal half hour drive home had already exceeded two hours as snow and ice covered the roads.

The Washington Post notes that the weather has already knocked out power for almost 300,000 and shuttered nearly 3,600 flights.

Because the weather headed north sooner than anticipated, many in Charlotte and Raleigh found themselves experiencing what Atlanta had previously gone through with numerous traffic jams, accidents and people being forced to abandon their cars.

image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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