South Carolina woman arrested for not returning rented movie for nine years

By Ian O'Brien,

In South Carolina, a woman was jailed for failing to return a movie that she had rented in 2005. She rented the romantic comedy Monster-in-Law, which stars Jennifer Lopez.

Kayla Finley, 27, went to the Pickens County Jail to report a crime, which has not been specified. However, the police discovered she had an active warrant for not returning a movie, according to the Huffington Post.

Finley had rented this movie from a store called Dalton Video, which has since gone out of business. After she had rented the movie nine years ago, P.J. Dalton, the store owner, took the issue to court and got a judge to send out a warrant, according to Fox News.

Finley was mailed warnings, including documentation of the court action. She denied receiving these letters though.

For failing to return the movie, Finley spent a night in jail after being charged with petite larceny. She has since stated that she "fully intends on fighting this," Fox News reported.

image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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