'Space Dandy' recap: The Lonely Pooch Planet, Baby

By Victoria Greene,

This week’s episode of Space Dandy begins with Dr. Gel and Bea attempting to construct a new tracking device. While demonstrating how to use the device, which functions somewhat like a turntable on which one would spin a record, Bea accidentally sets it off, causing missiles to fire through space.

Gel is horrified at the possibility that they may have killed someone, but Bea tells Gel that they are the only signs of life in the immediate area. He’s checked because he knows how angry the Admiral gets when Gogol has to pay out insurance claims.

As Gel reminisces on how frugal the Admiral can be, the tracking devices signals they’ve found their target. A moment later, the Admiral appears on Dr. Gel’s video phone and angrily asks if Gel was speaking ill about him before presenting him with claim. The Admiral tells Gel he, “won’t tolerate irresponsible spending and wastefulness, not in this economy,” and, frightened, Gel says that he understands.

Gel quietly orders Bea to warp them away as he’s located Dandy, then apologizes to the Admiral, stating they must leave. Furious that he is being brushed off, the Admiral tells Gel he is fired just as he warps away.

Flash to Planet Machinia where Dandy, QT, and Meow have parked their ship. QT is enthralled with the seemingly deserted planet’s host of old spaceships and space stations while Meow hungrily searches for food through the heaps of scrap metal. Dandy, uninterested by both of his companions actions looks from side to side and eventually sees a dog hiding beneath some metal.

He immediately takes to the dog and calls it over, but it cowers and whines. Dandy recognizes that the dog is female and continues to try to get her to come over to him, but she remains where she is.

Dandy tries to play with the dog to get her come out, then pretends to cry. Concerned, the dog comes over to comfort him, but it is then that Dandy strikes. He believes the dog is an alien and shakes her about, but he quickly realizes that she is just a dog and when he sets her down, she licks his face.

In a scene that appears to be set in a wheat field, two men, who are brothers, look up at the sky and ask one another if they can feel it before the show quickly returns to Dandy and his crew.

QT remarks that it believes the planet must be made of metal and asks Meow if he or Dandy have found any aliens.

When they look up, QT and Meow see Dandy playing fetch with the dog and both implore him not to eat it as the dog may be a new species of alien. Dandy tells them that the dog is simply a dog and after a quick scan, QT confirms that the dog is a type of Husky called a Laika.

Meow lets Dandy know immediately that he doesn’t want the dog to join their team on the Aloha Oe, but Dandy tells Meow that it’s not his call and the dog seems far more helpful than Meow is.

Meow tries to trick Dandy and QT into believing the dog is being rude to them Meow can apparently understand her, but with Dandy’s space translator, he is able to understand that everything Meow said was a lie and the dog is actually quite happy to have met them.

Dandy asks the dog her name, but she tells them she’s forgotten her name and gives Dandy permission to choose a new one for her.

Flash back to the apparent wheat field where the two brothers sit up and continue their conversation. The older brother realizes their ‘frontier’ is dying and the younger brother asks what they should do. They realize they must find a new land as the last of the Machinians they realize they cannot lose hope.

Back to Dandy and his crew, Dandy is playing with the dog when she suddenly whines and lies down. Dandy asks the cat what’s wrong and speaks her name for the first time.

He’s named her Precious Upside Pineapple Pie, P.U.P.P. for short, inspired by the Boobie’s dessert menu and Meow expresses jealousy that not much thought was put into his own name.

P.U.P.P. says that she was sure all humans hated her as she was abandoned on a planet where no one lived. Angered by the thought of someone hating P.U.P.P., Dandy verbally attacks Meow before P.U.P.P. recounts her sad, lonely life.

Dandy tells P.U.P.P. he’s sorry for the hardships she’s experienced and states that she has to find meaning in her own life. At his words, P.U.P.P. says she’s happy she could be with Dandy at the end and suddenly dies.

Dandy is heartbroken and as he moves to reach for P.U.P.P., Meow dives at her body, sobbing, and holds her close.

Dandy asks what is wrong with Meow and, crying, he tells them that he wanted to play with P.U.P.P. too, but now it’s too late. He apologizes for being mean to P.U.P.P.

The two brothers are revealed to be living on P.U.P.P.’s body and jump onto Meow’s when he leans close to hug and nuzzle at her.

Dandy constructs P.U.P.P. a rocket to give her a proper space burial and they send her off while paying their respects.

The narrator speculates that P.U.P.P. was Laika, the dog sent into space by the USSR before he too succumbs to his tears.

On the Aloha Oe, Meow is scratching himself, complaining about how badly he itches. QT remarks that he might need a bath, but Meow rejects it, stating he prefer licking himself clean and hates water.

As he scratches, the brothers bounce off of Meow and QT sees them with its robot eyes. They chase after the brothers, who are no bigger than common fleas, but lose them. QT realizes the brothers may be part of an alien race thought to be extinct and race off to tell Dandy.

The brothers have decided to make their home in Dandy’s hair, but he combs one to death just as QT and Meow rush into his bathroom to speak to him. The remaining brother infiltrates QT’s body and uses it to chase Dandy and Meow, stating he will avenge his brother.

The remaining brother says his name is Le Flea and claims he is the last of the Machinians. He says he will use QT and Dandy’s ship as his new frontier while Dandy wonders what is wrong with QT.

Meow realizes that the alien has taken over QT’s body and proudly states that he has caught a new species while rebuffing Dandy’s constant claims that he is a freeloader.

The alien causes the Aloha Oe to take off while Dandy and Meow throw food and drinks at it to try to get it to stop. Eventually, the alien jumps out of QT’s body and Dandy and Meow are left to try to catch it. While doing so, QT warns them not to kill Le Flea as the planet will likely collapse. However, just as QT says this, Meow steps on Le Flea.

QT explains that Le Flea and his brother were the last of an alien race that was holding the planet together and without them, the planet will explode and turn into a black hole.

The crew of the Aloha Oe manages to warp away at the last moment and just as they leave, Dr. Gel and Bea arrive and get sucked into the black hole.

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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