'Space Dandy' Recap: A Merry Companion Is a Wagon in Space, Baby

By Victoria Greene,

Space Dandy is a new show on Cartoon Network’s "Toonami" which follows the adventures of an alien hunter and the crew of his spaceship, the Aloha Oe, in a futuristic setting.

Episode 5 of Space Dandy begins with Dandy on an unspecified planet searching for an alien called a "Gentooan," who has incapacitated all of its previous hunters by placing their minds in a stuffed animal and escaping.

When Dandy reaches the location of the Gentooan, he finds a young girl by herself and assumes she was frightened by the alien, though a moment later, antennae shoot out from behind her and trap Dandy in a stuffed animal, thus revealing her to be the Gentooan. Believing herself victorious, the Gentooan begins to draw on Dandy’s slack face only to be caught by surprise when Dandy, in the form of a stuffed penguin, captures her.

When the girl’s technique is released, something that lasts only 10 minutes, Dandy tells her that he will be taking her to the registration center, as he does with all undiscovered aliens. After coming to the agreement that Dandy will take her to a specific address before going to the center, the two set off.

On their trip, Dandy and the girl, Adélie, bond. As promised, he takes her to the address she wanted to visit. After a disappointing visit, Adélie tells Dandy that she was going to meet her grandfather, but he’d moved away. She reveals that Gentooans tend to live far apart so "bad people" won’t easily capture them. However, Adélie’s mother has passed away and the only relative she has who can help her now is her grandfather.

After finding someplace to stay for the night, Dandy heads off on his own and searches for Adélie’s grandfather in secret, telling the girl he is going to a restaurant called Boobies, which is a parody of Hooters.

The next day, Dandy takes Adélie to a place similar to a train station and the two have a misunderstanding, which results in the young Gentooan placing Dandy’s mind in her penguin.

Alone and upset, believing she was deceived, Adélie runs away and cries miserably before she is discovered by two hunters she’d previously incapacitated.

The two men attempt to abduct her, however, they are stopped by Dandy and Adélie’s grandfather.

When they are reunited, Adélie’s grandfather tells her that Dandy searched high and low for him and she is surprised by Dandy’s kind actions.

After Dandy wishes the Gentooans a good life together, Adélie asks if she can crew the Aloha Oe for him, but he refuses, stating he does not take bratty children on his ship. When Adélie asks if she can crew for him once she grows up, Dandy agrees, then leaves the station as Adélie and her grandfather watch after him.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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