'Space Dandy' recap: A Race in Space is Dangerous, Baby

By Victoria Greene,

This weeks episode of Space Dandy begins in Boobies, the favorite restaurant of Dandy, Meow, and QT.

Honey, a waitress at the restaurant, expresses shock and joy that Dandy has come to Boobies, to which Dandy responds that he "came yesterday, came today, and will come tomorrow." A group of waitresses bounce joyfully and seemingly rush toward Dandy, who will happily receive them, but they bypass him to squeal over a blue haired man, much to Dandy’s confusion.

The blue haired man is revealed to be Prince and QT explains that he is the top-flight space racer who has won all of the Grand Prix races that have been held in the past year.

As Dandy watches Honey and the other waitresses continue to fawn over Prince, he grows more and more irritated and eventually declares that he will now be making his money as a racer. When QT and Meow insist there is more being a top-flight racer than simply saying, Dandy states that he was already a racer ‘back in the day,’ though it is the first time he’s mentioning it.

Dandy goes through with his plan to join a race and takes part in the next grand prix, which is explained to be a no holds barred crazy death race.

As the announcer introduces the races to keep an eye on, Prince and Dandy meet once more.

Prince mocks Dandy’s ship and Prince’s robot mocks QT, which upset both of them. In contrast to Meow, a Betelgeusean whose appearance resembles a cat, Prince has a rat companion who threatens to sue Meow when he calls the rat ‘lame’.

After more ribbing at Dandy’s expense by the announcer of the race, the competition finally begins.

In another portion of the universe, Dr. Gel, a scientist with the appearance of a gorilla who works for the Gogol Empire, continues his hunt for Dandy. When he asks his assistant why is he watching television and not looking for Dandy, Dandy’s face appears on the screen and Gel sets off to find him.

As soon as the race begins, Dandy exclaims it is time to use his last resort, much to QT’s surprise. However, his attempt backfires, though it puts him into close second place with Prince.

Prince is surprised that Dandy is able to keep up with him and states that it’s better if Dandy does put up a good fight; it makes for a better race.

As the race continues, Dandy continues to use his ‘last resort’ several times more, often at the expense of his own ship’s condition just to put him closer to first place while Dr. Gel joins the race to capture Dandy.

While Prince is still in the lead, he manages to get captured and loses first place to Dandy. Holding the lead for a moment, Dandy looks over and is surprised to see Honey and asks why she is there. Honey responds that she felt it would be fun to join a race and knocks Dandy out of first place.

As the race continues, Dandy and Prince end up neck and neck and Prince tells Dandy he could beat him with no trouble, if he tried. Dandy flips Prince off and insults him, causing Prince to momentarily crash, giving Dandy the lead.

When Dandy stops at the pit to have the Aloha-Oe refueled, Prince’s rat plants an explosive on the bottom of Dandy’s ship before moving to tend to Prince.

Because Meow has no idea what he’s doing while refueling the ship, Dandy loses his lead to the Prince and the other racers.

Dandy states once again that it is time to use the ‘last resort’ again, which might blow him and QT into ‘teeny tiny pieces,’ but then states it is not the time. However, the ship jerks and Dandy accidentally presses the button, which sets off his missiles.

Dandy blasts into second place behind Prince, followed by Honey and Dr. Gel. Gel attempts to catch up to Dandy, but blasts past him and crashes into a metal pole causing his ship to explode.

Dandy angrily tells QT to ditch all of the baggage on the ship so they can be as light as possible to beat Prince. In tossing all of the baggage, Dandy tosses QT off of the ship as well, but he speeds up to catch Prince.

Prince, surprised by Dandy, states that Dandy is the first person who’s ever pushed him all the way to the edge. Inspired by Dandy, Prince tosses everything off of his ship, including his robot.

Their ships move at an equal speed and Prince states that he feels odd and questions what he feels and realizes that he’s in love with Dandy just as his rat his the button, which detonates the bomb attached to the bottom of Dandy’s ship.

Dandy’s ship hits Prince and the announcer explains that Dandy has plowed into Prince from behind at the seventh space velocity.

The variables of the circumstance, combined with the mystery fuel Meow put into the ship, and the explosion causes Dandy to go faster than light and fall out of time. Dandy is propelled 5.67 billion years into the future where he sees a giant figure of himself looking much like a Buddha.

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