'Space Dandy' recap: The War of the Undies and Vests, Baby

By Victoria Greene,

This week’s episode of Space Dandy follows Dandy, Meow, and QT to a seemingly abandoned planet in search of new aliens to register.

The episode begins with QT on a cleaning spree and while cleaning Dandy’s room, the robot comes upon surfboards propped up against the wall. When Meow and QT make fun of Dandy and question the validity of the surfboards, suggesting he is a ‘shubee’ before Dandy spins a fantastical tale about his ‘perfect summer,’ only to confess that the entire story is a lie.

It is revealed moments later that the group is en route to the remains of planet Eden, which is described by the narrator as a place that was, “A real garden spot 10,000 years ago.” However, the planet has been blown asunder and only the moon remains.

QT tells Dandy and Meow that unregistered aliens may or may not live on the moon of Eden, but the data is so old that it can’t be confirmed on way or the other.

As they approach the moon, the crew of the Aloha Oe flies into a geyser, one of many that go off at random intervals. When Dandy asks why QT hadn’t mentioned this, the robot says she’d forgotten because she meant to tell the crew something else when a missile hits them. QT then remembers that the inhabitants of the moon have been at war for 10,000 years and have established no fly zones.

The Aloha Oe crashes and QT says that it will take some time to repair the ship. Assuming because it was it was so difficult to land on the moon that it must be swarming with aliens, Dandy and Meow split up and head in separate directions to find aliens, however, the warring aliens capture both of them fairly quickly.

When Dandy awakens after being captured, a large red alien wrestles his pants off and is pleased to see he wears underwear, while Meow is in a similar situation where a blue alien checks desperately to see that he is not wearing underwear. Once the aliens confirm that they can trust Dandy and Meow, they tell them they are glad that they won’t have to kill them.

The red alien is called Undian and the blue a Vestian. They have been at war for thousands of years because the Undians cannot stand the sight of the Vestians’ bare bottoms and the Vestians cannot stand to look at the Undians exposed chests.

After so much time at war, the two aliens Dandy and Meow have encountered are revealed to be the last of each of their species and Dandy and Meow try to appeal to the aliens, stating they should registered, however, both aliens are afraid that if they are to leave, their enemy will claim the win of the moon of Eden.

Following a brief battle that ends in a stalemate, Dandy and Meow contact QT and tell the robot they’ve encountered two aliens of different species and that neither of the aliens are willing to leave the planet. QT suggests a peace conference and Dandy and Meow agree that a peace conference has the potential to work.

When Dandy and Meow part with their respective aliens and settle in with them for the night, the alien hunters both try to appeal to the aliens in hopes that they will agree to the peace conference. Over the course of the night, the Undian and Vestian reveal that they don’t remember what started the war and, after some time, they agree with Dandy and Meow. There’s no point in fighting when they can’t remember why they were fighting in the first place.

Dandy and Meow tell the aliens about the world off of their planet and make sure to tell them about Boobies, a restaurant Meow and Dandy frequent, and the aliens agree to the peace conference.

All seems to be going well at the peace conference until the aliens must swap their most valuable position, their clothing. The Undian cannot bring himself to wear the Vestian’s vest and the Vestian cannot bring himself to wear the Undian’s underwear.

They accidently kill themselves by dropping large boulders atop their own heads and as they prepare to die, they each pull out a button that well set off a missile that will destroy the planet. If either of them are to die, they feel that everyone should die.

With the buttons pressed, Dandy and Meow make a run for it and beg QT to bring the Aloha Oe closer, but QT cannot land the ship. The robot says that Dandy and Meow will be missed and they realize that they are being abandoned.

At the last moment, QT remembers Dandy’s surfboards and tosses one out to the two who manage to catch it and surf to safety while watching Eden’s moon explodes.

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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