Stars of 'The Bachelor and 'The Bachelorette' celebrate Valentine's Day with their spouses

By Elizabeth Learned,

Two stars of The Bachelorette and The Bachelor are celebrating this day of romance in two very different ways. While one couple is spending time together, another has separated due to work obligations.

Trista Sutter’s husband, Ryan, is a firefighter and is on duty for the holiday. However, Trista is planning a special Valentine’s Day for both him and the kids, according to E! News.

Sutter spoke with E! News Thursday, telling them Ryan “has to be at the fire station so I’ve been on Pinterest a lot looking for something sweet and fun to make him with the kids and take to the fire station for Valentine’s Day.”

In addition to celebrating a romantic holiday and enjoying it with their kids, Sutter and her family are also taking a trip to Disneyland. In talking about Valentine’s Day, Sutter believes in “celebrating your love all year round.”

On the other end of the spectrum, The Bachelor star Sean Lowe went to Instagram in revealing how he was spending his Valentine with his wife, Catherine. He captioned the photo with, “Celebrating V-Day by bumming around with the Mrs. in our Charisma robes. Follow @charismahome for daily wedding inspiration!”

It sounds like both couples are finding different ways to enjoy spending time with their loved ones on this Valentine’s Day.

Photo: ABC



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