Steve Perry to return to Journey?

By Andrew Wilson,

Much speculation has been flying all over the internet about original vocalist Steve Perry possibly reuniting with his old band Journey.

Everyone from WENN to San Francisco’s Bay Area News has been speculating over video of a short interview with YouTube’s Artisan News of Perry discussing the possibility of a reunion.

The video shows Perry being asked about a possible reunion with his old bandmates to which he says, “I haven't worked with Neal. We're trying. It's tough. I'm doing my best in that area and I can only do so much.”

Sound too good to be true? Maybe. Melodic Rock was quick to release a statement saying they can confirm there have been no talks of a reunion and they also quoted Journey’s manager stating, “No reunion plans.” Journey’s manager also stated regarding Perry’s comment that it was just a polite answer to a common question.

Several rumors have been fueled in the past, with guitarist Neal Schoen stating on Facebook in 2012 that the only possibility of a reunion with Perry would be for a Farewell Tour, and again in 2013 writing a comment underneath a photo of Perry, “I hope we can can reach out to each other and connect once again.” One can always hope. Whatever the case, don’t stop believin’.

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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