Stolen Stradivarius violin recovered in Milwaukee (Reports)

By Daniel S Levine,

A rare Stradivarius violin that was built in 1715 and is worth millions has reportedly been recovered just hours after three people were arrested in connection with stealing it from a Milwaukee musician.

The violin was stolen back on Jan. 27 as Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra concertmaster and violinist Frank Almond was walking after a performance. He was tasered by the thief and fell to the ground. The thief then grabbed the violin and jumped into a car driven by another suspect.

On Wednesday, three people were arrested, but police said during a press conference that they had not recovered the violin at that time. The orchestra said there was a $100,000 offer for any information that may lead to its recovery.

Local NBC affiliate WTMJ-4 and the Journal Sentinel both reported Thursday morning that the violin was recovered. A law enforcement source said that one of the suspects lead police to where the violin was being kept in Milwaukee’s east side.

Police have the violin and it is still in good condition. A press conference is scheduled for later today.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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