Storms in London claim several lives, expected to get worse

By Rebecca Walezak,

Heavy storms in London are causing many people to prepare for flooding Sunday. The storms, which have already killed several people and destroyed a multitude of power lines, have hit homes along the River Thames.

According to AFP, this is the most water the area has seen in the last 250 years. Due to this, there has been military response in the area to help families evacuate if necessary.

Prime Minister David Cameron had this to say on the matter: “What we do in the next 34 hours is vital because tragically the river levels will rise again. So every sand bag delivered, every house helped, every flood barrier put in place can make a big difference.”

A building collapsed during the storms and killed a woman and her three kids. Another man died while on a cruise ship due to a "freak wave."

BBC News reports that over 3,000 troops have been sent to the area to provide assistance, while hundreds still remain on standby if needed.

It is likely that the storms will calm throughout Saturday night, however it is expected to get much worse in the next few days.



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