Stray dogs in Sochi saved from killings

By Amanda Levine,

The Winter Olympics this year have been nothing short of controversial. From the controlling and anti-gay Russian government to the reported hazardous living conditions in which the Olympians live in, many people are barely even paying attention to the actual sporting events.

Many viewers also don’t realize that thousands of stray dogs and cats have been displaced and euthanized before the games in order to make way for the stadiums and housing complexes for the Olympic Games. Days before the games, and currently, animal activists all over the world have been standing up and doing something about the deaths of the animals.

The Guardian reports that Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska has donated money to start saving the stray dogs and relocating them so safe locations. Although the billionaire is pro-Putin, he does in fact believe that killing helpless animals is wrong.

Humane societies and activists have made temporary shelters in, and near, Sochi that take in the stray animals. These shelters almost look like mini villages with wooden shacks and dog houses where they will keep the animals until they are adopted.

Many people in the United States are now wondering how these dogs can be adopted and saved. NY Daily News reports that Americans interested in adopting a puppy can go to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's website to view the paperwork and vaccination list that is necessary for bringing a Sochi puppy into the States safely and legally.

Image: NBC



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