'Supernatural' Recap: 'The Purge'

By Samantha Ravenscroft,

A 300lb man, Wayne, wins a hot dog eating contest and while he is enjoying another hot dog in his car after the contest he is attacked from behind. The man goes from weighing over 300lbs to a meager 90lbs.

Dean can’t sleep and while he’s researching finds the article on Wayne so he and Sam go to investigate. Unfortunately, their search leads them nowhere.

Meanwhile, a woman trying to work off some weight for her wedding is stressing about the scale not going under 180lbs. When she steps on the scale again, she is attacked from behind and her 180lbs goes down to 73lbs. The boys show up to the crime scene and find an odd bruise on her body. Sam goes to check Wayne’s body for the mark - which he does have on the back of his neck - while Dean talks to one of the gym trainers. The trainer has the same mark on her back that she doesn’t want to talk about but further research shows she took a vacation to Canyon Valley Wellness Center. The Winchester’s can tell by the spa’s commercial that something is not right. After all they claim insane weight loss with no dieting or strenuous exercise. The boys start working at the spa; Sam as a fitness trainer and Dean gets stuck with kitchen duty.

During a spa treatment they show what is exactly going on at the wellness center. Maritza, one of the spa owners, begins what she calls a “cupping session,” where she applies hot cups to a woman’s back. The woman falls asleep almost immediately and when she does, a huge suction cup protrudes from her mouth and begins sucking fat from the woman.

Meanwhile, Dean is scooping pudding into cups for the clients when he sneaks one for himself. He eats the delicious caramel pudding but then finds that he had been drugged. He calls Sam for help but he is unable to fully make sense. He tells Sam “Sweet potatoes!” and Sam is somehow able to find him in the pantry. After waking Dean, Sam goes to confront the chef about the pudding who says he’s been putting supplements in it. Dean recognizes the pills as roofies.

Larry thinks the boys are up to something and goes snooping in the Impala’s glove box where he finds the Winchester’s fake ID’s leading him to believe they are hunters. He urges Maritza to go get rid of the evidence, aka giant jars of people’s fat, while he goes to confront her brother Alonzo. While getting rid of the fat, Dean walks in on Maritza and ties her to a chair getting her to admit to what’s going on at the spa. She tells him she’s a Peruvian fat sucker who doesn’t kill people. She feeds and people are happy because they lose weight. However, she tells him her brother can’t help himself and is most likely the killer.

Sam hears the screams coming from the kitchen and finds a dead Larry who apparently couldn’t reason with Alonso. Sam finds Dean and Maritza to tell them what happened and to find out where Alonso could be. She tells him he’s usually in the basement and also tells them how to kill him.

The Winchesters head to the basement and each go in a different direction looking for Alonso. Sam finds him hiding behind a wardrobe and they get into a scuffle. Alonso has Sam pinned underneath him and is attempting to attack him with his sucker when Dean steps in and chops it off which kills Alonso.

Cops come to clean up the mess left by Alonso and Dean plans to kill Martiza when they leave. Sam reasons with him and says they can’t do that because she’s not a killer. They negotiate and decide to send her back to Peru.

Back at the bunker, the boys have one of their famous heart-to-hearts. Sam claims Dean didn’t save Sam for Sam, instead doing it for himself so he wouldn’t feel the pain of loss. Dean thinks Sam would’ve done the same if the situation was reversed to which Sam clearly states he wouldn’t and leaves the room leaving Dean looking like a lost puppy.

Check out the preview for the next episode below.

Supernatural airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on The CW.

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