Syria peace talks stall after six days, mediator apologizes

By Kyle Johnson,

After six days of mediation of the second round in the Syria peace talks, no real progress has been made and the U.N.-Arab League mediator has apologized to the Syrian people suffering during this time.

Mediator Lakhdar Brahimi ended the second round of talks, noting that the peace talks had largely been fruitless so far, The Associated Press reported.

He did say the next round of peace talks would aim to be more structured and focused, with one day set aside solely to aim to end the terrorism and violence in the country and another over the subject of setting up a new transitional government.

The latter point are what Western countries and others want from Syria, but the country has shown little interest in actually going through with it and actually is rejecting his mediation plan.

Brahimi actually said the Syrian government had simply "refused." He decided it was time for a break so each party involved can think about what they want and evaluate their willingness to get the peace talks to move forward.

BBC News reported that Saturday's talks ended after less than a half hour of mediation and Brahimi looked visibly tired from the lack of progress made in six days.

Over Syria's lack of willingness to talk on transitioning, he said it "raises the suspicion of the opposition that the government doesn't want to discuss [a transitional government] at all."

image: Wikimedia Commons



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