Teacher throws shoe at third grade student

By Morgan Cox,

A Florida music teacher at Franklin Academy who has not been named has been accused of throwing a shoe at her third grade student.

Parents are in awe at the situation and cannot believe that something like this would happen at Franklin Academy.

According to Yahoo! News, the mother of student Kimberly Firth stated, "It was surprising, extremely surprising."

Franklin Academy principal Elena Diaz is working to notify parents of the school's awareness by responding to the emails with this message: "We are well aware of the incident that took place last week involving our music teacher... I want to inform you she is no longer a member of our faculty."

The administration at the school are working to investigate the situation. The teacher has been dismissed, but refused to make any comment toward the incident.

Apparently, this isn't the first odd situation to happen at the school. Three months upon the opening date of the academy, the principal at the time left her job without explanation.

WPTV stated that there is still no explanation as to why the teacher threw her shoe at the third grade student.



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