Teams can talk trades for Ryan Callahan

By Alyssa Ladzinski,
Rangers Attempt a Decision on Ryan Callahan’s Contract Before Olympics

The New York Rangers trusted Captain Ryan Callahan is in a bit of a predicament.

Asking for a seven-year, $42 million contract extension, Callahan hopes to continue his career with the Rangers, but it may not be that easy.

The deal seems unimaginably expensive to GM Glen Sather. Either a price needs to be negotiated, or the Rochester native will be let go.

Sather just isn’t comfortable signing Callahan on for seven more years due to his injuries this season, according to ESPN.

Even after the win over the Islanders Friday night, other teams were allowed to speak with Callahan’s agent.

“That's news to me,” Callahan said, according to CBS Sports. “My heart's here,”

It is apparent that Callahan desires to stay with the team, but he did not accept the offer of a five year, $30 million contract.

The Columbus Blue Jackets are displaying interest in the 28-year-old winger.

A decision will be made by the start of the Olympics, notes ESPN. In a few short days, it is possible that the fate of Ryan Callahan’s career could change.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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