Teen shot by police for holding Wii controller

By Jeffrey Rindskopf,

Christopher Roupe, 17, was shot and killed on Friday by a police officer outside his home in Euharlee, Georgia. His family have hired a lawyer and claim he was shot holding a Wii controller, which police mistook for a gun.

Raw Story reports that Euharlee officers showed up at Roupe's home in Eagle View Mobile Home Park to serve a probation violation to his father.

The officer told investigators she had to shoot Roupe because he opened the door pointing a gun at them. The family of the deceased boy don't substantiate that story, however.

"It just doesn't add up,” said Cole Law, who is representing the Roupe family, according to WSB-TV. "We don't know where that statement came from. The eyewitnesses on the scene clearly state that he had a Wii controller in his hand. He heard a knock at the door. He asked who it was, there was no response so he opened the door and upon opening the door he was immediately shot in the chest."

Neighbors present after the shooting confirm Law's version of events, saying he was still holding the Wii controller when they rushed to Roupe's side.

“When we got up there, they said there was a Wii remote in his hand and she shot him,” said Tia Howard, a neighbor from a few doors down.

The officer responsible for the shooting is on administrative leave, standard practice after an officer is involved in a shooting.

Roupe was in the ROTC at Woodland High School and had plans to join the Marines.



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