Tennessee man charged for package bombing

By Ian O'Brien,

In the rural area of Tennessee, the son-in-law of a couple has been arrested and charged for bombing their home, killing them both.

Richard Parker, 49, placed a package bomb at the home of Jon and Marion Setzer. Jon died immediately during the bombing while Marion was critically injured and died in a hospital later. The bomb exploded near Lebanon, which is 30 miles away from Nashville, according to CNN.

No motive has been disclosed for the bombing, but Wilson County Sheriff Robert Bryan revealed that Parker lived next door to the Setzers, and he is the only suspect so far.

Jon Setzer was a retired lawyer who had heart problems and high blood pressure on top of other health issues. Marion Setzer was a dental hygienist.

Parker is expected to be charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, according to The Associated Press.

The bombing charges are expected to look bleak for Parker, as he was previously charged in 1993 for arson. He was later convicted and sentenced to four months of probation.

For his alleged part in the bombing, Parker faces two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of felony premeditated murder.



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