Texas House candidate wants to legalize picking up roadkill

By Morgan Cox,

Candidate Tink Nathan, who is running for state representative in Texas, stands firm in his belief that it should be legal for residents to eat roadkill if they wish to do so.

"Why should buzzards be the only ones to benefit from the frequent animal-car collisions that occur by the thousands on Texas roads? That meat goes to waste," Nathan said. "Why not utilize it?"

According to the Dallas Observer, picking up roadkill is currently illegal due to health and safety reasons.

Nathan noted that not all of roadkill will be 'usable' meat, but one deer is able to provide 80 pounds of edible meat.

Yahoo! News noted that over 1,000 deer were taken from state highways in the year 2006.

Tom Harvey, Texas Parks and Wildlife spokesman, argued that picking up roadkill puts citizens in danger.

"People stopping on roadsides to harvest dead animals could be struck by vehicles. Eating dead animals found on roadsides could make people sick," Harvey said.

Texas politicians have not yet addressed the issue to the fullest.



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