Three arrested in stolen Stradivarius case in Milwaukee, but violin still missing

By Daniel S Levine,

Police said Wednesday that three people have been arrested in the case of the missing rare Stradivarius violin case in Milwaukee, but the rare violin is still missing. The instrument has been valued at $5 million and the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra said that there is a $100,000 reward being offered to anyone with information that leads to its recovery.

Last week, the orchestra’s concertmaster, Frank Almond, was tasered on his way home from a performance. He dropped the violin and the thief made off with it, jumping into a car driven by another person.

Since the market for the violin, which was made in 1715, is so small, it would be impossible for the thieves to sell it. The case for the violin was found, but there’s been no sign of the violin.

The Associated Press reports that Police Chief Ed Flynn said that three people were arrested, although Milwaukee County assistant district attorney Kent Lovern said he couldn’t give any further information about the suspects.

Flynn said that they are still looking for the priceless violin. “The challenge is if we have someone who was smart enough to figure out this crime they will be smart enough to give up where it is,” Flynn explained, the Journal Sentinel reports. About the suspects, Flynn added, “At this point we don't have any indication they were working for anyone but themselves.”

imagE: Wikimedia Commons



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