Todd Francis pleads guilty to child endangerment: 'I do feel accountable'

By Rebecca Walezak,

Todd Francis will face up to four years in prison for child endangerment after his gun was left out in his garage and killed his daughter’s friend while they were playing with it.

Francis didn’t think anything of it when he left his teenage son in charge of his baby sister back in June 2013 while he went shopping. When he came home, however, he found his life to be changed forever.

His 9-year-old daughter and her 10-year-old friend, Eric Klyaz, were playing with his exposed gun when it was accidently fired, killing Klyaz. ABC News reports that Francis bought the gun after a few break-ins happened in the area. He wanted to protect his family, but argued that the ammunition was always kept separate from the gun.

The prosecution, however, argued that the gun had to have been loaded.

“I feel horrible about what happened,” Francis said. “I do feel accountable.”

According to 10 News, Francis pled guilty in his case and will be sentenced on April 8.



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