Tom Sizemore says he made up story about affair between Bill Clinton and Elizabeth Hurley

By Daniel S Levine,

It turns out that Wednesday’s tabloid report on former President Bill Clinton and model Elizabeth Hurley having an affair was all made up by her former boyfriend, actor Tom Sizemore. The Saving Private Ryan actor is blaming the story on his drug problems.

The story started at RadarOnline, which claimed that it had a bombshell tape in which Sizemore recalls how Clinton and Hurley had an affair in the White House while Clinton was still president.

Sizemore says he was at the White House for a screening of Saving Private Ryan when Clinton asked him if he was still dating Hurley. He claims that the president asked him for Hurley’s number and when he hesitated, Clinton said, “Give it to me. You dumb mother*****r, I’m the Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America. The buck stops here. Give me the damn number.”

Later in the tape, Sizemore allegedly says that Hurley was also hesitant about having an affair with the president, but Clinton pushed her.

Hurley later said on Twitter that the entire report was “totally untrue” and that her lawyers were already on the case.

But her lawyers might not have much to do now. According to Us Weekly, Sizemore told HuffPost Live that the story wasn’t true. He may have made a tape in which he said these things, but they were never true.

“It's not true,” Sizemore said, adding that he’s never met Clinton, never been to the White House and has never known if Clinton knew Hurley.

“I'm not denying that I said these things,” he continued. "I don't remember saying them, but it's an old video tape, and they're the rantings of a guy...it's been well-chronicled that I had a very severe drug problem."

Sizemore says he’s been clean for nearly five years and takes drug tests frequently. He also apologized to clinton and Hurley, saying, “I'd like to apologize to her for any hurt or BS I caused her or the Clintons or anybody else I may have mentioned.”

image: Wikimedia Commons



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