'Tonight Show' ratings continue to be stellar for Jimmy Fallon

By Kyle Johnson,

The ratings continue to be strong for Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show as the late-night talk show pulled in its best ratings for a Wednesday night in a decade.

The Tonight Show averaged about 7.274 million viewers for the night and also pulled in a 2.4 in the advertiser-important 18-49 demographic, reports Deadline. The last time a Wednesday show did that well was on Feb. 2, 2004, with 7.69 million.

The show also managed an unusual feat, the demo numbers rose for Wednesday from Tuesday. The show averaged a 2.4 compared to a 2.3 in the demo. Those numbers give Fallon something to hold over previous hosts Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien. Neither saw an improvement in their third night or even had as good a demo number.

O'Brien dropped to a 2.0 demo rating from a 2.3 and Leno's 2010 return third night dipped to a 1.5 from a 1.6 rating.

Tuesday night's episode also did well, as it got its largest audience for a Tuesday since 2000 with 7.37 million. The only issue is that the overall viewership has decreased slightly for each night, with the show losing 35 percent of its premiere audience in its second night, though that isn't particularly surprising or uncommon.

image courtesy of NBC



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