Top 10 best superhero costumes

By Amanda Levine,

The Oscars are coming up in just a few weeks and a while back it was announced
what the theme of the show would be. The producers have chosen to pick a very inspirational theme and make the show revolve around movie heroes.

Heroes can come in any shape or form. They can either be the classic superheroes from well loved comic books or they can be real life people who are heroes to everyday people. No matter what one considers to be a hero, the theme is definitely one that has caused question and excitement as to what heroes will be present at the Oscars.

In honor of the theme of the Academy Award show this year, this list will focus on the classic superheroes from comic books and their costumes. With their powers, muscles and thirst for justice, a superhero isn’t recognizable without their costume. To blend in with all of the average people, superheroes have their normal identity such as Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent.

However, when crime ensues and the need for a superhero arises, the heroes strip their “normal” persona and transform into the superhero that they are all thanks to their costume. Here is a list of the top ten superhero costumes.

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