Top 10 Buddy Comedies

By Marie Blake,

Everyone needs a partner in crime whether they team up to save the world, get revenge, or go on an exciting adventure. These top 10 buddy comedies have made their marks in film history. Some were forced together, starting out as enemies but then growing a strong relationship, while others were attached at the hip from the start.

It does not matter if these duos grew up together, work together, or were forced together, they provide a great bond that draws in an audience and keeps them talking long after. Every good duo has to survive a rough patch in their relationship, but their ability to overcome their feelings makes their relationship stronger. Although their bond may be fictional for onscreen purposes, we like to think that this is how they really act off screen.

These top 10 films include great kissing scenes, gun fights, extra-large food, house parties, cheetahs, and a partner bond like no other. Here are the top 10 buddy comedies.



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