Top 10 Carl Moments from 'The Walking Dead'

By Matthew Dagen,

The Walking Dead is finally back! After the powerhouse mid-season finale, the show took its foot off the pedal for an episode to focus on only a few characters and how they dealt with the immediate aftermath of losing the prison. Some of Michonne's backstory was finally revealed, as well as confirming that the number of walkers around her never matters as long as she has her sword, but most of the episode centered around Rick and Carl. Rick's health deteriorated throughout the episode, so while he was unconscious, it was Carl's time to shine. Carl has been a secondary character for most of the series' run so far, but that's not to say he's without his fair share of great moments. Season 1 didn't really provide the opportunity to shine, but once the group hit the farm, things started really taking off for him, and he became a more featured part of the group once they found the prison.

image: AMC



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