Top 10 Ellen Page films

By Lauren Wheeler,

Ellen Page is known for her range. From indie flicks to blockbusters, the 26-year-old actress has had many more than 10 great movies. She has starred in over 20 movies and has had roles on over 10 television shows. The 10 on this list are just some of her greatest.

Image courtesy of RogerWong/INFphoto.com

As we previously reported, Page announced that she was gay during a Human Rights Campaign event on Friday.

The speech was posted on YouTube and brought attention to Twitter. Many other celebrities tweeted support for her.

Page’s first role was in the 1997 television show Pit Pony. Her first movie was a 2002 short film, The Wet Season. She also voices a character in the 2013 video game, Beyond: Two Souls.

In her speech for The Human Rights Campaign she called Missouri Tigers football player Michael Sam, who recently announced he was gay, a “hero.” She also said that she was tired of “hiding” and “lying by omission.”

Here are the Ellen Page’s top 10 films. After reading the list, comment on which of her films you think is the best?

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